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  • 10 Thinking Errors Sabotaging Your Brain


    The 10 Thinking Errors Sabotaging Your Brain IQ Doodle examines 10 cognitive distortions and how they are sabotaging you from living life in more optimal ways.

    The 10 thinking errors include:

    1. Mental Filtering
    2. Jumping to Conclusions
    3. Personalization
    4. Black and White Thinking
    5. Catastrophizing
    6. Overgeneralization
    7. Shoulding and Musting
    8. Labeling
    9. Emotional Reasoning
    10. Magnification and Minimization


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    IQ Doodle Mega-Bundle

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    The IQ Doodle Mega-Bundle gives you access to all 46 IQ Doodles that have been created so far. Every IQ Doodle included within the Life Success bundle, the Career Success bundle, and the Emotional Mastery bundle is included here at a discounted mega-bundle price. You of course gain access to the digital file for each individual IQ Doodle, mobile pocket versions and eBook, printer friendly versions, desktop backgrounds, doodle cards, visual thinking templates, and the royalty free doodle images that went into creating each IQ Doodle. So much value for one incredibly low price.


    • Anyone who wants a simple step-by-step framework on how to live life in optimal ways.
    • Anyone who feels overwhelmed with what they read in personal development books.
    • Anyone who is committed to lifelong learning and improving every aspect of their life.

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    Life Success Bundle

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    The Life Success bundle includes a selection of hand picked IQ Doodles that are designed to help you accelerate your results and achieve your goals.  Each IQ Doodle explores a key area of achievement, including how to overcome adversity, how to solve problems far more effectively, how to improve your ability to make good decisions, how to overcome self-sabotage patterns, and how to develop optimal habits of mind that will allow you to achieve your desired objectives.


    • Anyone who wants to develop good habits of mind to help them achieve their goals.
    • Anyone who wants a step-by-step approach on how to become more successful.
    • Anyone who feels as though they haven’t quite lived up to their full potential.

  • Nine Hacks for Improving Productivity


    The Nine Hacks for Improving Productivity IQ Doodle outlines several productivity hacks that you can implement into your workflow that will help you work more effectively and efficiently.

    The six hacks include:

    1. Using Checklists, a Calendar and a Task List
    2. Eliminating Distractions
    3. Focusing on the Big Rocks
    4. Being Task Efficient
    5. Working with Purpose
    6. Using a Timer
    7. Being Tech Savvy
    8. Making Work Fun
    9. Taking Regular Breaks

  • Six Empowering Morning Rituals


    The Six Empowering Morning Rituals IQ Doodle outlines several effective morning rituals you can add to your morning routine that will help you stay focused, motivated and energized throughout the day.

    The six morning rituals include:

    1. Meditation
    2. Learning
    3. Exercise
    4. Journaling
    5. Visualization
    6. Affirmations

  • Six Excuses that are Keeping You Stuck


    The Six Excuses that are Keeping You Stuck IQ Doodle explores six excuses that people typically make and how to successfully overcome them.

    The six excuses include:

    1. There’s just not enough time…
    2. There’s just not enough money…
    3. I just don’t know how…
    4. I just can’t change…
    5. I’m just not ready yet…
    6. This just won’t work…


  • Six Helpful Steps for Eliminating Fear


    The Six Helpful Steps for Eliminating Fear IQ Doodle outlines how to effectively work through fears that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from achieving your goals.

    The six steps include:

    1. Acknowledging Your Fear
    2. Imagining Having No Fear
    3. Identifying Triggers
    4. Assessing Your Degree of Control
    5. Analyzing Potential Obstacles
    6. Getting Creative

  • Six Ideas for Climbing the Career Ladder


    The Six Ideas for Climbing the Career Ladder IQ Doodle outlines six things you can do to build a remarkable reputation at work to help you secure that next promotion.

    The six ideas include:

    1. Going the Extra Mile
    2. Doing Things Better
    3. Committing to Lifelong Learning
    4. Taking on More Responsibility
    5. Broadening Your Experiences
    6. Building a Remarkable Reputation

  • Six Ideas for Getting Motivated


    The Six Ideas for Getting Motivated IQ Doodle outlines six key things you can do that will keep you focused, inspired and motivated as you work toward your goals.

    The six ideas include:

    1. Finding Empowering Reasons
    2. Building an Empowering Workspace
    3. Developing a Reward System
    4. Creating a Morning Routine
    5. Hiring a Motivation Buddy
    6. Designing a Vision Poster

  • Six Ideas for Working Smarter, Not Harder


    The Six Ideas for Working Smarter, Not Harder IQ Doodle outlines several ideas to help you get far more accomplished throughout the day while working toward your goals.

    The six ideas include:

    1. The Priority Pyramid
    2. Avoiding the Busy Bee Trap
    3. Recognizing What’s Working
    4. Eliminating the Unnecessary Stuff
    5. Creating an Avoidance List
    6. Working Less to do More

  • Six Rules for Improving Your Luck


    The Six Rules for Improving Your Luck IQ Doodle explores six rules to follow that will help you to improve your luck while pursuing your goals and objectives.

    The six rules include:

    1. Commit Yourself to Learning
    2. Network Relentlessly
    3. Help People Get What they Want
    4. Prepare Yourself Thoroughly
    5. Work Smarter, Not Harder
    6. Keep Persisting and Persevering


  • Six Rules for Winning at the Game of Life


    The Six Rules for Winning at the Game of Life IQ Doodle explores six steps you can take that will help you live life in more optimal ways to accomplish your goals and objectives.

    The six rules include:

    1. Set Clear and Empowering Goals
    2. Consistently Stretch Your Comfort Zone
    3. Generate Plenty of Bad Ideas
    4. Make Mistakes and Learn from Them
    5. Work Smarter and Harder than Yesterday
    6. Expose Yourself to New Ideas, People and Places