10 Thinking Errors Sabotaging Your Brain


The 10 Thinking Errors Sabotaging Your Brain IQ Doodle examines 10 cognitive distortions and how they are sabotaging you from living life in more optimal ways.

The 10 thinking errors include:

  1. Mental Filtering
  2. Jumping to Conclusions
  3. Personalization
  4. Black and White Thinking
  5. Catastrophizing
  6. Overgeneralization
  7. Shoulding and Musting
  8. Labeling
  9. Emotional Reasoning
  10. Magnification and Minimization



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    The 10 Thinking Errors Sabotaging Your Brain IQ Doodle examines 10 cognitive distortions and how they are sabotaging you from living life in more optimal ways.

    Here is the text included within this IQ Doodle:

    1) Mental Filtering

    The tendency to focus on negative events while neglecting the positives.

    How do the positives outweigh the negatives in this instance?

    2) Jumping to Conclusions

    The tendency to make irrational assumptions about people and circumstances.

    What if there is another explanation for this?

    3) Personalization

    The tendency to take the blame for absolutely everything that goes wrong in your life.

    Who or what else could have played a part in this?

    4) Black and White Thinking

    The tendency to see things as all-or-nothing. Things are either good or bad, right or wrong.

    How many different ways could other people interpret this?

    5) Catastrophizing

    The tendency to blow circumstances out of proportion by making problems larger than life.

    What if things aren’t as bad as I make them out to be?

    6) Overgeneralizing

    The tendency to make broad generalizations based upon a single event and minimal evidence.

    What evidence suggestions that things could now be different?

    7) Labeling

    The tendency to make global statements about yourself or others based upon situation specific behavior.

    Where’s the evidence that this is true in all situations?

    8) Shoulding and Musting

    The tendency to make unrealistic and unreasonable demands on yourself or others.

    Must things be this way?

    Is there another way to do this?

    9) Emotional Reasoning

    The tendency to interpret your experience based upon how you’re feeling in the moment.

    What evidence suggests that how I’m seeing this isn’t accurate?

    10) Magnification and Minimization

    The tendency to magnify the positive attributes of another, while minimizing your own.

    What if I believed that I was deserving and capable?

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  • The IQ Matrix Connection

    The content for creating each IQ Doodle has been taken directly from an IQ Matrix map. These mind maps, of course, go into more detail about each topic, however, what the IQ Doodle does extremely well is it condenses and further simplifies those ideas and presents them in a fun comic strip format. Each IQ Doodle is therefore designed to complement an existing IQ Matrix. And this particular IQ Doodle complements the Working Smarter IQ Matrix.

  • How Do I Use this IQ Doodle?

    How Do I Use this IQ Doodle?

    Use this IQ Doodle anytime, anywhere and anyhow. We provide you with all these different formats and options to help you keep these important steps and ideas at the forefront of  your mind at all times.

    Whether you are at home, in the office, or out and about with just your mobile in your pocket, there is an IQ Doodle version for you. The key is to discipline yourself to stay exposed to these ideas throughout your day.

    By viewing this IQ Doodle several times per day, you will be forming new patterns in the way you think, behave, perceive, and emotionalize your experiences. These patterns will gradually develop into routines, and those routines will eventually build empowering new habits that will help you break-free from old behaviors that no longer serve you.

    All this will of course take time, but the more you expose yourself to this IQ Doodle, the faster you will reprogram your mind and incorporate new methods of thinking about your life and circumstances. But remember that it all begins with self-discipline. The practice of self-discipline eventually turns into routine, and routine gradually turns into an empowering new habit that transforms how you interact with the world around you.

    In order to fully absorb these ideas and to inspire positive change, begin by printing this IQ Doodle and hanging it up at home and in the office. Or better yet, how about on your bathroom mirror or right beside the toilet seat? :) Next, use this IQ Doodle as a desktop background on your computer. This will help keep these critical steps and ideas at the forefront of your mind while you are working. Furthermore, keep this IQ Doodle in your pocket (on your mobile phone) and refer to it throughout the day when commuting on public transport or while waiting at the supermarket checkout line.

    Also don't forget about the Info Sheet. The printable Info Sheet provides you with actionable ideas and guidelines on how to better work through this IQ Doodle. Have a read of the Info Sheet to help you gain deeper insights into this topic. And that's basically it. That's essentially all it takes to begin making positive changes to your life. Awareness is after all the very first step to change, and optimal habits-of-mind are developed only through repeated exposure to these ideas.

    Finally, there is the Visual Thinking template. This template is designed to help you put the ideas within each IQ Doodle into practice. The power of this template lies in working through each step of the IQ Doodle in a visual way. It’s about bringing your thoughts to life on paper to help you explore the topic at a deeper level using the doodling skills you learned over the 40 Day Doodle Course. The objective of this template is to help you establish empowering new habits and beliefs that will allow you to put the ideas presented within each IQ Doodle into proactive action. It’s the final piece of the puzzle and glue that brings everything together. If you have never visualized your thoughts before in this way, then prepare yourself for a life changing eye-opening experience. 🙂 

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    • 10 card sized images that breakdown the steps outlined within this IQ Doodle.
    • A printable Info Sheet that summarizes each step outlined within this IQ Doodle.
    • High resolution transparent doodle images used to create this IQ Doodle. These are royalty free images you can use for personal or professional purposes.