• Six Steps for Having a Productive Day


    The Six Steps for Having a Productive Day IQ Doodle outlines a six step process that will challenge you to work far more productively, effectively and efficiently throughout the day.

    The six steps include:

    1. Recognizing Unproductive Activity
    2. Considering the Consequences
    3. Removing Yourself from Activity
    4. Setting Priorities
    5. Creating Contingency Plans
    6. Taking Immediate Action

  • Six Ideas for Getting Motivated


    The Six Ideas for Getting Motivated IQ Doodle outlines six key things you can do that will keep you focused, inspired and motivated as you work toward your goals.

    The six ideas include:

    1. Finding Empowering Reasons
    2. Building an Empowering Workspace
    3. Developing a Reward System
    4. Creating a Morning Routine
    5. Hiring a Motivation Buddy
    6. Designing a Vision Poster

  • Six Helpful Steps for Eliminating Fear


    The Six Helpful Steps for Eliminating Fear IQ Doodle outlines how to effectively work through fears that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from achieving your goals.

    The six steps include:

    1. Acknowledging Your Fear
    2. Imagining Having No Fear
    3. Identifying Triggers
    4. Assessing Your Degree of Control
    5. Analyzing Potential Obstacles
    6. Getting Creative

  • Six Ideas for Relieving Stress


    The Six Ideas for Relieving Stress IQ Doodle provides you with several helpful guidelines that will help you to manage your stress levels far more effectively throughout the day.

    The six ideas include:

    1. Making Health a Top Priority
    2. Showing Gratitude
    3. Re-Wiring Your Brain
    4. Taking Control
    5. Getting Yourself Organized
    6. Avoiding Temptations

  • Six Helpful Steps for Beating Depression


    The Six Helpful Steps for Beating Depression IQ Doodle outlines a six step process you can use to instantly make yourself feel better about yourself. Ideal for working through bouts of mild depression.

    The six steps include:

    1. Examining Your Thoughts
    2. Optimizing Your Physiology
    3. Finding Reasons to Keep Going
    4. Asking Solution Focused Questions
    5. Seeking Guidance and Direction
    6. Living with Purpose

  • The Six Step Goal Setting Process


    The Six Step Goal Setting Process IQ Doodle outlines a six step process you can use to set achievable goals. This process of steps will significantly improve your chances of accomplishing your goals.

    The six steps include:

    1. Setting Your Goals
    2. Identifying Goal Conflicts
    3. Making Necessary Sacrifices
    4. Assessing Potential Obstacles
    5. Developing an Action Plan
    6. Finding Your Motivation


  • Nine Hacks for Improving Productivity


    The Nine Hacks for Improving Productivity IQ Doodle outlines several productivity hacks that you can implement into your workflow that will help you work more effectively and efficiently.

    The six hacks include:

    1. Using Checklists, a Calendar and a Task List
    2. Eliminating Distractions
    3. Focusing on the Big Rocks
    4. Being Task Efficient
    5. Working with Purpose
    6. Using a Timer
    7. Being Tech Savvy
    8. Making Work Fun
    9. Taking Regular Breaks

  • Six Steps for Stopping Your Worries


    The Six Steps for Stopping Your Worries IQ Doodle outlines an effective six step process you can use to help you feel more at ease, settled, and calm amidst the worries and uncertainties of life.

    The six steps include:

    1. Gaining Proper Perspective
    2. Challenging Limiting Beliefs
    3. Turning Worries into a Problem
    4. Preparing for the Worst
    5. Releasing Control
    6. Scheduling Worry Time

  • Six Ideas for Working Smarter, Not Harder


    The Six Ideas for Working Smarter, Not Harder IQ Doodle outlines several ideas to help you get far more accomplished throughout the day while working toward your goals.

    The six ideas include:

    1. The Priority Pyramid
    2. Avoiding the Busy Bee Trap
    3. Recognizing What’s Working
    4. Eliminating the Unnecessary Stuff
    5. Creating an Avoidance List
    6. Working Less to do More

  • Six Steps for Overcoming Procrastination


    The Six Steps for Overcoming Procrastination IQ Doodle outlines a very effective six step process that will help refocus your mind, re-prioritize your time, and unlock the motivation you need to achieve your goals.

    The six steps include:

    1. Confessing Your Guilty Pleasure
    2. Identifying Your Triggers
    3. Outlining What You Want
    4. Gaining Leverage
    5. Developing an Action Plan
    6. Taking Purposeful Action


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