Nine hacks for improving productivity
Nine hacks for improving productivityNine hacks for improving productivityNine hacks for improving productivity

Nine Hacks for Improving Productivity


The Nine Hacks for Improving Productivity IQ Doodle outlines several productivity hacks that you can implement into your workflow that will help you work more effectively and efficiently.

The six hacks include:

  1. Using Checklists, a Calendar and a Task List
  2. Eliminating Distractions
  3. Focusing on the Big Rocks
  4. Being Task Efficient
  5. Working with Purpose
  6. Using a Timer
  7. Being Tech Savvy
  8. Making Work Fun
  9. Taking Regular Breaks


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    Product Description


    The Nine Hacks for Improving Productivity IQ Doodle outlines several productivity hacks that you can implement into your workflow that will help you work more effectively and efficiently.

    Here is the text description included within this IQ Doodle:

    1) Use Checklists, Calendar and Task Lists

    Systematize your workflow using tools that will keep you organized and focused throughout the day.

    2) Eliminate Distractions

    Eliminate or remove yourself from all distractions that may interrupt your workflow.

    3) Focus on the Big Rocks

    These are your highest priority activities and tasks that have the greatest long-term payoffs.

    4) Be Task Efficient

    Group similar tasks together and work on them within fixed time periods, but focus on completing one task at a time.

    5) Work with Purpose

    Specify the reasons why you’re doing each task and the value it will bring to your life.

    Why exactly am I focusing on this today?

    What is the long-term value of this activity?

    6) Use a Timer

    Using a timer injects some urgency into your workday. This will help keep you focused and motivated.

    7) Be Tech Savvy

    Use technology to simplify and automate repetitive tasks and activities.

    8) Make Work Fun

    Turn boring tasks into challenging games that help keep you mentally involved and stimulated.

    How could I make this challenging and fun?

    How could I turn this task into a game?

    9) Take Regular Breaks

    Taking a 5 minute break every half hour will recharge your batteries and help you stay focused for longer.

    What Do I Get?

    When you purchase this IQ Doodle you will receive the following downloadable digital items:

    • high resolution printable IQ Doodle posters in both a light and dark themed format.
    • pocket versions of this IQ Doodle that have been optimized for viewing on mobile phones.
    • 6 beautiful desktop wallpaper backgrounds to use on your computer or tablet.
    • card sized images that breakdown the steps outlined within this IQ Doodle.
    • A printable Info Sheet that summarizes each step outlined within this IQ Doodle.
    • High resolution transparent doodle images used to create this IQ Doodle. These are royalty free images you can use for personal or professional purposes.

    How Do I Use this IQ Doodle?

    Use this IQ Doodle anytime, anywhere and anyhow. We provide you with all these different formats and options to help you keep these important steps and ideas at the forefront of  your mind at all times.

    Whether you are at home, in the office, or out and about with just your mobile in your pocket, there is an IQ Doodle version for you. The key is to discipline yourself to stay exposed to these ideas throughout your day.

    By viewing this IQ Doodle several times per day, you will be forming new patterns in the way you think, behave, perceive, and emotionalize your experiences. These patterns will gradually develop into routines, and those routines will eventually build empowering new habits that will help you break-free from old behaviors that no longer serve you.

    All this will of course take time, but the more you expose yourself to this IQ Doodle, the faster you will reprogram your mind and incorporate new methods of thinking about your life and circumstances. But remember that it all begins with self-discipline. The practice of self-discipline eventually turns into routine, and routine gradually turns into an empowering new habit that transforms how you interact with the world around you.

    In order to fully absorb these ideas and to inspire positive change, begin by printing this IQ Doodle and hanging it up at home and in the office. Or better yet, how about on your bathroom mirror or right beside the toilet seat? 🙂 Next, use this IQ Doodle as a desktop background on your computer. This will help keep these critical steps and ideas at the forefront of your mind while you are working. Furthermore, keep this IQ Doodle in your pocket (on your mobile phone) and refer to it throughout the day when commuting on public transport or while waiting at the supermarket checkout line.

    Also don’t forget about the Info Sheet. The printable Info Sheet provides you with actionable ideas and guidelines on how to better work through this IQ Doodle. Have a read of the Info Sheet to help you gain deeper insights into this topic. And that’s basically it. That’s essentially all it takes to begin making positive changes to your life. Awareness is after all the very first step to change, and optimal habits-of-mind are developed only through repeated exposure to these ideas.


    The IQ Matrix Connection

    The content for creating each IQ Doodle has been taken directly from an IQ Matrix map. These mind maps of course go into more detail about each topic, however what the IQ Doodle does extremely well is it condenses and further simplifies those ideas and presents them in a fun comic strip format. Each IQ Doodle is therefore designed to complement an existing IQ Matrix. And this particular IQ Doodle complements the Boosting Productivity IQ Matrix.

    Learn how to create doodles by joining the Free 40 Day How to Doodle Course. This free course includes over 2,000 user generated doodle submissions. These are people just like you who have submitted their doodles to help others gain more value.

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