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  • 10 Thinking Errors Sabotaging Your Brain


    The 10 Thinking Errors Sabotaging Your Brain IQ Doodle examines 10 cognitive distortions and how they are sabotaging you from living life in more optimal ways.

    The 10 thinking errors include:

    1. Mental Filtering
    2. Jumping to Conclusions
    3. Personalization
    4. Black and White Thinking
    5. Catastrophizing
    6. Overgeneralization
    7. Shoulding and Musting
    8. Labeling
    9. Emotional Reasoning
    10. Magnification and Minimization


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    20 Visual Thinking Templates

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    The Visual Thinking Templates bundle gives you access to all 20 visual thinking templates. These are the same templates used within the Doodle for Self-Development course. Purchasing this visual thinking template bundle gives you access to downloadable pdf copies of all the written content of this course alongside the 20 templates.

    Who are these templates for?

    • Anyone who would like to gain deeper insights into their habits and mindset.
    • Anyone who wants to use these templates to gain more clarity about their goals.
    • Anyone who would like to use these templates to coach their clients.
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    40 Day How to Doodle Course and 3 Additional Bonuses

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    The How to Doodle 40 day course is available for free. You can register to receive this course over a period of 40 days by visiting the registration pageHowever, if you simply can’t wait and would like to work through this course at your own pace, then you can purchase it right here on this page. Your purchase of course also helps support the site and the work we do in the field of visual thinking.

    By purchasing the course you will receive a one page pdf document with links to all 40 days of the How to Doodle Course. You will also receive a link to an online course outline with direct links to all 40 lessons of this course that you can access at any time.

    For a limited time, you also receive free access to 20 Visual Thinking Templates, the Visual Vocabulary Pack (includes over 200 icons to help you build your visual vocabulary) and the Six Steps for Solving Your Life’s Problems IQ Doodle.


  • 400+ Royalty Free Doodles

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    Gain access to over 400 royalty free doodles available in a high resolution transparent format.

    All doodles are available in full color and express a range of emotions in a variety of situations. Fantastic to use for spicing up your documents, newsletters, brochures, marketing materials or simply to add some personality to your presentations.

    The preview images only show a fraction of the doodles included within this bundle. Expect to receive up to 50 new doodles added to this bundle each month with nothing more to pay.

  • Mastering Six Difficult Human Emotions


    The Mastering Six Difficult Human Emotions IQ Doodle outlines how to better understand and manage difficult emotions. This will of course help you to channel these emotions in more productive ways.

    The six emotions include:

    1. Fear
    2. Frustration
    3. Overwhelm
    4. Disappointment
    5. Hurt
    6. Anger

  • Nine Hacks for Improving Productivity


    The Nine Hacks for Improving Productivity IQ Doodle outlines several productivity hacks that you can implement into your workflow that will help you work more effectively and efficiently.

    The six hacks include:

    1. Using Checklists, a Calendar and a Task List
    2. Eliminating Distractions
    3. Focusing on the Big Rocks
    4. Being Task Efficient
    5. Working with Purpose
    6. Using a Timer
    7. Being Tech Savvy
    8. Making Work Fun
    9. Taking Regular Breaks

  • Six Empowering Morning Rituals


    The Six Empowering Morning Rituals IQ Doodle outlines several effective morning rituals you can add to your morning routine that will help you stay focused, motivated and energized throughout the day.

    The six morning rituals include:

    1. Meditation
    2. Learning
    3. Exercise
    4. Journaling
    5. Visualization
    6. Affirmations

  • Six Excuses that are Keeping You Stuck


    The Six Excuses that are Keeping You Stuck IQ Doodle explores six excuses that people typically make and how to successfully overcome them.

    The six excuses include:

    1. There’s just not enough time…
    2. There’s just not enough money…
    3. I just don’t know how…
    4. I just can’t change…
    5. I’m just not ready yet…
    6. This just won’t work…


  • Six Helpful Steps for Beating Depression


    The Six Helpful Steps for Beating Depression IQ Doodle outlines a six step process you can use to instantly make yourself feel better about yourself. Ideal for working through bouts of mild depression.

    The six steps include:

    1. Examining Your Thoughts
    2. Optimizing Your Physiology
    3. Finding Reasons to Keep Going
    4. Asking Solution Focused Questions
    5. Seeking Guidance and Direction
    6. Living with Purpose

  • Six Helpful Steps for Eliminating Fear


    The Six Helpful Steps for Eliminating Fear IQ Doodle outlines how to effectively work through fears that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from achieving your goals.

    The six steps include:

    1. Acknowledging Your Fear
    2. Imagining Having No Fear
    3. Identifying Triggers
    4. Assessing Your Degree of Control
    5. Analyzing Potential Obstacles
    6. Getting Creative

  • Six Ideas for Attracting Money into Your Life


    The Six Ideas for Attracting Money into Your Life IQ Doodle breaks down six key things you can do to help you make better financial decisions.

    The six ideas include:

    1. Setting Clear Financial Goals
    2. Asking Tough Questions
    3. Being Financially Savvy
    4. Avoiding Instant Gratification
    5. Showing Gratitude
    6. Taking Calculated Risks


  • Six Ideas for Building a Loving Relationship


    The Six Ideas for Building a Loving Relationship IQ Doodle breaks down six guiding principles that can help you build a more nurturing a loving relationship with your partner.

    The six ideas include:

    1. Essential Relationship Ingredients
    2. Talking Things Over
    3. Giving More than You Take
    4. Displaying Your Love
    5. Making Time for Romance
    6. Avoiding Relationship Mistakes